In the underbrush between a cut-through and a natural amphitheater there is a path, which resembles an "8" figure or an infinity sign when viewed from above. Sometimes it does sound literally: music comes from the branches and trees and even from under the ground. At first there were only eight channels, but then their number increased. This is
Soundscape invites leading Russian and foreign musicians who work in the field of immersive music and sound installations for composing multi-channel works.

Those who are willing to participate in the project development include pianist Ksenia Bashmet, violinist Asia Sorshneva, electronic music artists Nika Machaidze (Nikakoi), Tusia Beridze (TBA) (Georgia/ Germany), German Popov, Dmitry Yevgrafov, Hauschka (Germany), Extrawelt (Germany), Mira Calix (Great Britain).

We are also friends with young communities and labels (ambient, neo-classic, techno) and academic educational establishments, which include the Center for Electrical Acoustic Music at Moscow State Conservatory, and the Department of Physics, Lomonosov State University of Moscow.
Learn more about the technology, laboratories and projects:
Dmitry Kalenik – technical producer of New Media Night, specialist in spatial light and sound design;
Oleg Marder – project supervisor, bioengineer by education;
Ivan Shchetinin – landscape designer who created Mobius Path;
Oleg Goncharov – director of Nikola-Lenivets Park.
Besides, the project was also facilitated by Alexei Kudachkin, Fil Drobyshev, Igor Ustintsev, Sasha Levitin, Alexei Kulikov, Nikita Baryshnikov, Pavel Shchepochkin, Ruslan Frank.