New Media Night
What began as a presentation of another art object in Nikola-Lenivets Park soon became an independent digital art festival in the open air. It brings together participants from all over the world – musicians and artists, with three fourths of all works being created during resident sessions in the park.
The main characters of Night are light, sound and program code which turns quanta and waves into works of art. However, the festival program is not limited to mapping, interactive installations and musical concerts – it also includes performances, video presentations, lectures and all those adventures arising from merely walking around the glowing, sounding, flashing and pulsating territory of the park.


The sites for the festival were art objects of the park – as a rule, the Universal Intelligence (that is where it all started: the first Night festival was to celebrate its opening), Mayak, Rotonda. Specially for the festival, they are equipped with local lighting features – not only dynamic but also interactive.

Unlike mapping in urban environment, where artists deal with more or less comprehensive geometric patterns, light installations are set on surfaces of unique complexity among natural and art objects.

An important feature of installations created for the Night is their interaction and interweaving with the natural landscape, be it a field where a pedestrian footpath has to be outlined, or crowns of the trees acting as a light-reflecting surface.
With the visible contrast of all new media to the environmental surroundings, their integration is of genesis nature. Just as accidental variability in digital art is still the result of an algorithm, in nature any accidence is predetermined by a set of regularities.
Dmitry ::vtol:: Morozov
2014 / Connecting Light / Zachary Lieberan, Yesyesno (США)

Connecting Light / Zachary Lieberan, Yesyesno ( USA)

Landscape installation and at the same time a navigation system: over 50 luminous balls that threw light on the way for the festival guests.

Light Barrier / Kimchi And Chips ( Great Britain, South Korea)

A light installation with millions of rays of light criss-crossing in a natural environment and creating an illusion of a soaring object freely floating among the trees.


Interactive installations invite spectators to participate: receive or send a signal, change the direction of light, hear a sound and make it heard.


Point to Point / STAIN

A navigation system to connect Mayak art object, spectators and the starry sky. On the grounds of HYG database (Hipparcos catalog + Yale Bright Star catalog + Gliese catalog), it laid interstellar routes and transformed them into a signal which can be decoded with a mobile application or by using the Morse code.
Forty Two / ::vtol::

An interactive installation consisting of more than 500 light devices and 24 audio channels. Subtly integrated into the Universal Intelligence, it was an autonomous generative sound object using which any spectator could come into an interactive contact with the Universal Intelligence, receiving a unique audio-light code as a feedback message.

Silence lies / ::vtol::

The forest seems to be silent, but "silence lies." Guests of the festival could see it with the help of radio receivers: placed among the trees, radio stations broadcast various melodies in the same frequency, piercing the silence with their polyphony.


At different times, Night saw performances by:

Orb ( UK)
Oneohtrix Point Never ( Warp, USA)
Jackson and his computer band ( Warp, UK)
Mouse on Mars (DE)
Dan Deacon ( USA)
Mira Calix ( Warp, UK)
Clark ( Warp, UK)
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