Klever ("Klever") houses designed and created by Mel architectural bureau are a most popular housing type in Nikola-Lenivets. This is one of the first examples of modern Russian low-rise architecture – unique, easy-to-recognize and carefully fitted into the landscape. At the moment, there are only ten houses of this type; they are nearby the summer cafe. We want to turn this place into a full-fledged hotel complex with a varied choice of rooms, an all-season catering facility and a community center. The design project documents are ready.
Klever is the project that originated from the competition for the best summer house for camping that was held during the 2012 Archstoyanie. The name is no coincidence: a combination of three all-purpose modules looks similar to a trefoil when viewed from above.


The development concept suggests stage-by-stage reconstruction of the existing infrastructure of the summer camping and creating a car-free territory where only bicycles and electric vehicles can be used. Authentic buildings shape a comfortable and original place to feel the touch of nature and art in Nikola-Lenivets.
An all-purpose module

The renewed Klever house is of the same shape as the existing residential modules but it suggests a new dimension of modularity and comfort. The all-purpose module will have an entrance portal, a bathroom with a shower, and a small kitchen can be arranged. Modules can be used in all kinds of combinations and allow organizing residential blocks, workstations and summerhouses therefore shaping a full-fledged structure of a modern camping. The development project suggests stage-by-stage creation of 60 modules for 120-150 people to live there.
Novaya Ugra Cafe

The building of a new all-season cafe is planned to appear in the same place where there is now a summer cafe – on a hill near the pond. The new cafe consists of several small volumes with sloped roof that joint harmoniously to shape a relatively small pubic place. The buildings are united by a common big terrace with an arbor over the water surface. Such design allows expanding the size of the cafe and turning it into a truly all-season place while retaining the feeling proper scaling in regard to the man and natural surroundings. Availability of separate inner spaces allows organizing flexible pattern of use for this cafe when hosting various events.
Community Center

Klever community center has a structure similar to that of the cognominal guest houses that have become a popular symbol of camping in Nikola-Lenivets. The trefoil shape is also determined by the inner functional arrangement. The center consists of an all-purpose hall for holding public events of any format, a small cafe and an entrance section with a reception desk. In the center, three zones are divided with a space containing technical premises. Due to its complicated shape the community center has good viewing opportunities from the side of the camping and creates a recognizable visual landscape of the field where it is situated.

Mel Studio is an architect bureau founded in 2009. It is specialized in low-rise architectural objects, reconstruction of industrial spaces and exhibition projects.
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