Hold Your Own Event
You can come with a big group of people to Nikola-Lenivets: it doesn't matter if you are colleagues or friends – we will help you celebrate a birthday, have a wedding party, organize a corporate training session and have great time.
We can:

  • develop a unique program for creating architectural, multimedia or landscape objects, organize joint work in workshops, teach basics of working with wood in a natural environment;
  • provide accommodation, catering and organize a transfer;
  • provide premises for training with all necessary equipment;
  • hold an excursion, master class or a topical quest;
  • arrange a healthy food weekend;
  • organize a large barbecue or gastronomical party;
  • invent something special for you.

The park has a lot of sites, from small cafes for family celebrations to huge festival fields.

15 persons
Kazarma Bar
A bar, well-equipped kitchen, fridge, musical unit. A barbecue site nearby. An excellent choice for a private party with hostel accommodation options.

32 sqm
Up to 20 persons
An arbor in Zvizjanka
A summer vegetarian cafe in an arbor with a long table and benches. It is situated on the river bank next to the eco camping.
Up to 20 persons
The attic in Kazarma
The upper floor in Kazarma hostel is good for holding small-scale events such as creative master classes, workshops etc.

32 sqm
30 persons
Koltsovo Cafe
An attachment to one of guest houses in Koltsovo village. Inside and outside, there are tables and benches, with a barbecue site nearby. There is also a musical unit. This place is good for a small corporate event with guest house accommodation options.

40 sqm
Up to 100 persons
Ogni Cafe
A covered arbor not far from Bernasconi Arch art object and Portal sound installation. It is a good choice for holding weddings, parties, birthday celebrations, cooking master classes, corporate events etc.

100 sqm (saloon 50 sqm, bar 6+19 sqm);
open podium 150 sqm
100-200 persons
Ugra Cafe
A cafe on the bank of the decorative pond. In the summer, an open terrace is also available. A bar with a well-equipped kitchen. Nearby there are Klever ("Clover"), Pizhma ("Tansy"), Zveroboy ("Hypericum") houses and the starting point of the excursion route. It is a good choice for holding weddings, parties, birthday celebrations, cooking master classes, corporate events etc.

100 sqm covered space, 200 sqm open terrace
Up to 500 persons
Bernasconi Arch art object on the border between the field and the forest.

0,5 hectare (glade 75×65 m), sound booth, indoor scene (5×4 m)
Up to 500 persons
Mayak ("Lighthouse")
One of the most well-known art objects of the park standing on the high bank of the Ugra River.

~2 hectares (field); evening lights
Up to 600 persons
A belvedere in the middle of the field. From the second floor there is a view of Versailles Landscape Park.

27 hectares (field 830×330 m)
Up to 1000 persons
The Glade of Labyrinths
A natural amphitheater with unique acoustics, surrounded by underbrush. The main site for creative projects by Soundscape and Zelenaya Kafedra (Green Department).

3 hectares (115×150 m); stage 11×1,5 m, six stages 2,5×0,3 m
Up to 2000 persons
Universal Mind
An art object by Nikolay Polisskyi: a giant wooden brain on a podium, with a majestic colonnade leading to it. The main site of New Media Night festival.

7.5 hectares (420×180 m). Within walking distance, there is a 100 sqm summer terrace on a podium . The central podium (18×18×1.2 m; in the center, a round "brain" with the diameter of 14 m), a bar (13×13 m with counters on either side). Night-time lighting
Up to 2000 persons
An art object looking like a pack of osier trumpets. There is an observation platform at the height of 22 meters.

20 hectares (field 500×400 m)
Up to 4000 persons
Meander Valley
The valley shaped by the old bed of the Ugra River. It is surrounded by the forest from all sides. Nearby there are Beaubourg and Mostki art objects.

100 hectares (800×1250 m)
Up to 6000 persons
Partial closing of the park
We can put at your disposal the central part of the park with al of its infrastructure (housing stock, cafes, information centers, parking lots and checkpoints), arrange site preparation and cleaning works

~44 hectares

Brochure (PDF, RU)

Booking: reception@nikola-lenivets.com; + 7 (920) 090-22-60

Hold your event: Oksana Apostol, +7 (920) 090-46-60, oksana.apostol@nikola-lenivets.com
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