Zvizjanka Eco Camping
Zvizjanka is a local name for the slope nearby Zvizji village situated in the territory of Ugra National Park. This is the part of Nikola-Lenivets for those who should like to switch their phone off and take care of their spirit in a picturesque place. The most important thing here is a conscientious attitude to the environment, body and soul.
It is situated within 5 minutes' walking distance from the entry to Nikola-Lenivetsand Kazarma hostel, in 3 km from Ugra Cafe and Koltsevo guest houses. Driving a car to the eco camping is impossible: you will have to leave it in Zvizji village and walk for a couple of minutes.

There are large tents (twin or double) on wooden podiums, with mattresses, pillows, bed clothes and towels inside. The camping infrastructure includes a toilet. The nearest Wi-Fi point and shower can be found in Kazarma hostel: the camping itself provides excellent conditions for digital detoxication
The cost of living on weekdays is 2,000 rubles per day, and 2,500 rubles per day on weekends.

When resting at the eco camping please:

  • treat the nature with care;
  • use trash bins;
  • make fires in special sites only;
  • leave your cars at the recreation centre of Zvizji village. It is impossible to drive your car to the eco camping;
  • put your tents only where it is permitted;
  • switch your phone to vibration mode.

If you have any questions, call Ketti: +7 (985) 416-38-19
Au vegetarian cafe

Sasha, whom all guests of Zvizjanka like so much, is in charge of the cafe. For the cafe, Sasha cooks vegetarian dishes from fresh vegetables, nutritious cereal products and spice: for example, home-made vegetable lasagna on Tuesdays and Mediterranean aubergines on Fridays. When resting at the cafe on a warm evening, you should not forget to order coffee with orange peel, cardamon and ginger, along with Sasha's pies: you will get an unforgettable experience of taste!


We support healthy lifestyles, and that is why we try to hold various sports activities at our camping. Yoga classes are held on Sundays at 10 am on an open-air wooden podium.
"Natural Lab"

Nikola-Lenivets is situated in the territory of Ugra National Park, where the nature has gathered unique herbs and plants in one place. We produce natural cosmetics with the use of Nikola-Lenivets herbs, for example, thyme shampoo and spearmint soap. You can buy such cosmetics at the eco camping or from our online store.

Ketti Levi and Alexandra Frank: "We work and live in Nikola-Lenivets, and we love this place with all our hearts. Life here is always filled with people, impressions and events. Yet sometimes you want to seclude yourself to unite with the nature and gain strength for new creative victories. Having failed to find such a place, we decided to create it ourselves."

For the last three years Ketti has been supervising the eco camp, and Alexandra who joined us last summer has taken charge of the vegetarian cafe and organizing various events.
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